3 Of Our Favorite Videos From Fatherly

by Z Living Staff

Holy smokes, folks!

If you aren’t a regular viewer of Fatherly, you should start. The online news magazine is a great source for parenting tips and tricks and has been absolutely killing it lately with their videos. And so some much deserved credit is due. Below you’ll find a Zliving selection of our favorite videos — but before we get to that, first a primer on what Fatherly is all about:


Okay. Now onto the good stuff!


Video #1: My Daughter the Assassin

This video of a little girl getting her ninja on is awesome. It’s also SO FAST. Is she really doing all those moves? Has the video been sped up? Someone from CAA better get her under contract because it’s only a matter of time before Quenton Tarantino comes calling.


Video #2: 4 House Cleaning Hacks that Will Keep Your Home Spotless

With all the top ten lists all over the Internet, it’s awesome when a company can have a little fun with the format. Here we have some great hacks for dads everywhere. They’re a little tongue in cheeck, but we are for sure going to try that second one.


Video #3: Extreme Diaper Challenge

Doesn’t matter if it’s dinner time or bath time or diaper time, when you have triplets, everything becomes an assembly line for baby-raising. Watch this great 80’s video game-inspired video that pits mom against dad to get all three babies changed and dressed in record time!

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