10 Fun Activities To Strengthen Your Family Bond

by Shahrzad Warkentin

This time of year, all sorts of people make New Year’s resolutions about food and fitness — but remember, any sort of commitment you make this time of year can also reboot other aspects of your life, like your relationships. Strengthen your family bond with these goals that you and your kids can work towards together. 

1. Make A Meal Together

Take family dinner to a new level and get everyone involved in making the meal, as well as eating it. From picking the recipes, to cooking, have your kids help out with the entire process. Once you finally sit down to eat, you can all appreciate the hard work that went into the team effort, in addition to enjoying each other's company. Make it a goal to prepare and eat dinner together once a week. And to help you decide what to make, check out Z Living's healthy cooking shows like Family Style With Chef Jeff, Flip My Food, and Healthy Gourmet, among others. Check out where to watch the shows.

2. Plan a Family Night Of Going Screen-Free

Setting limits on your kids screen time can help them focus on other activities, but what about setting a limit for yourself? Go all-in as a family and agree to go screen-free for a day at least once a month. Go on a hike, but don't live stream it on Facebook. Eat dinner together, but don't Instagram it. Don't just unplug your devices, but shift your mindset and live in the moment.

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3. Get Your Game On

Whether it's flag football in the backyard, or a game of Pie Face in the living room, institute a family game night where you all join in together and just play. Keep it interesting by switching up the types of games every week, or let everyone take turns making the game pick for the night. It doesn't really matter who wins, it's all about an excuse to have fun together.

4. Grow A Garden Together

Building a project from scratch together as a family can be a great bonding experience. This year make a resolution to grow a family garden. Start with the planning and let each family member pick one fruit or vegetable to plant. Once spring hits, prepare your yard together and plant the seeds. Set aside a specific time each week to tend to the garden as a family, pulling weeds, watering, and eventually harvesting. As a bonus, you can incorporate your fresh ingredients into family dinner night. 

5. Always Say Goodbye To Each Other

Life can get hectic, but never let it get so busy that you don't take the time for a proper goodbye. Make a resolution to always take a moment for a goodbye when you all leave the house in the morning. Getting hugs and love from the ones you love the most is the perfect way to jump start your day and help your whole family set off in a good mood.

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6. Pay It Forward

Volunteering together can be an amazing learning experience for your whole family. Let your kids take the lead and come up with ways to give back. Walk together in a charitable race, participate in a park clean-up, or donate your earnings from a garage sale. Helping others will help you get closer as a family.

7. Exercise Together

Exercising is much more fun when you don't have to do it alone. Get your bodies moving with a fitness activity that you can all enjoy together. Riding bikes, going for a hike, taking a family yoga class, or even just having a dance party in the living room, are just a few examples. And if you want to exercise indoors, check out Z Living's popular fitness shows that you can follow along with from your living room, like Namaste YogaClass FitSugarand Fitness First, all on every weekdayFind out where to watch. 

8. Try Something New Together

Whether it's going rock climbing, or camping out to watch a parade, trying something new for the first time together can be a great bonding experience and a memory you'll never forget. It doesn't have to be anything outrageous, just pick an activity or a place to visit that no one in your family has been to and experience it together for the first time.

9. Read A Story Together

New adventures can also come from your imagination. Reading books helps you discover new places without leaving your house, and reading them together creates a special bond. Besides the experience itself, it will give you something to talk about even once you’ve tucked the book away. Hit the bookstore or library together and pick out some books you can read together as a family.

10. Plan A Peaceful Pajama Day

Not every family memory has to be adventurous or exciting, however. Sometimes the best moments are the small, quiet ones. Resolve to spend a day together in your pajamas. Relax, watch your favorite movies, snuggle up on the couch, and just enjoy a peaceful day doing absolutely nothing.

You can also come up with your own family resolutions together. They don't have to require big changes, the important thing is keeping the emphasis on togetherness and finding activities that help you appreciate each other's company.

Share in the comments: What are some creative ways you’ll be spending time with your family this year?

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