Creative Mother's Day Presents for New Moms

by Rachael Collier

As we all know, the first Sunday in May (that's the 8th this year- don't forget!) is a day to celebrate the strong women who have raised us, and shower them with cards, gifts and appreciation. But for new mothers, the day has an even more special meaning. To say that pregnancy, childbirth and raising a kid is as exhilarating as it is exhausting is like saying the sky is blue. So they definitely deserve an extra dose of thoughtfulness- and we're here to help.

Dads, moms, grandparents and relatives should take extra care and thought to celebrate this precious first Mother’s Day. A last-minute trip to the store for flowers or a box of chocolates just won’t cut it! 

Gift An Experience She'll Savor

Many well-intentioned people tend to give new moms gift certificates for spas, pedicures or free meals at her favorite restaurant. What most don’t realize is that new moms are time-starved and that it is very likely that the gift card will languish at the bottom of her purse (or rather, the diaper bag) and then eventually expire. If you give a gift card or certificate, make sure you take into account child care too. Book a mani pedi when her significant other can watch the little one, or if you are buying for another relative or friend, set a date to watch the baby while her and her loved one enjoy a dinner out. And always, always, ensure that whatever you book can be rescheduled if the timing doesn’t work for her. A mobile spa is a good option for moms who have difficulty getting away for more than an hour or two to save travel time.

Gift The Mom, Not Just The Baby 

Visitors and relatives usually tend to bring gifts for the babies (clothing, toys, diapers and wipes), but rarely do people bring gifts for parents. Let's not forget that moms don’t have much time to shop for themselves. That designer purse she may have been eyeing pre-pregnancy is now a distant memory. So focus on giving gifts to the mom, whether it’s clothing, accessories, beauty products (we love Clinique’s Date with Color gift set), or a bottle of her favorite champagne.

Turn A Card Into A Keepsake

Put the baby’s hand or foot prints inside a card along with a sweet note. She’ll love having her first card as a special memory and it’s perfect to tuck into the back of her baby book. Be sure to use non-toxic washable paint. Check Pinterest for more inspiration.

Make A Photo Book

With Instagram and Facebook, you have access to the best photos of the new mom and her little one. Create a photo book using simple tools like Shutterfly for a unique gift. Artifact Uprising also offers photo books made for square images for the Insta-obsessed (from $17.99). Accompany your gift with a square print set that she can use as decor or share with relatives and friends.

New moms, tell us what you would add to this list in the comments below!


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