VIDEO: 5 Bathroom Safety Tips For Kids Straight From ‘House Hazards’

by Meredith Grace

Leave it to the team at House Hazards — Z Living's shocking series that puts potential hazards to the test in real houses via a series of "don't try this at home” tests — to demonstrate the true danger of mixing electricity, water, and the human body.  Find out where you can to watch the show and when to tune in.

With the zillions of electronic gadgets we all own these days, there are plenty of twinkling, electric temptations around the house for kids to potentially get into trouble with. But add water to the mix, and electronics can become extra scary in the hands of a kid. The bathroom is one spot where water and electricity can too easily mix, to dangerous results.

Check out the above House Hazards video clip to learn the truth behind the dangers of getting electrocuted in the bathtub.

If you want to be precautious without becoming a helicopter parent (who accompanies their kid to the bathroom!), here are 5 simple bathroom safety tips for kids regarding electricity:

1. Never Stick Anything Except Plugs Into Electrical Outlets. 

Obviously this is one of the greatest concerns with young kids, and it is especially so in bathrooms where sinks splash and counter puddles gather. Outlet covers can be useful for toddlers, but aren’t particularly effective for older children.

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2. Turn Off Or Unplug Appliances When Not Using Them. 

Leaving an appliance on for long amounts of time can lead to a potential harm or fire hazard in your bathroom. In addition to creating a safer atmosphere, this habit will also keep your home green and energy bills down. 

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3. Water And Electricity Do Not Mix.

Depending on your parenting methods, the above House Hazards video does do a good job at explaining this concept. Generally, just make sure kids keep anything electrical away from sinks and tubs. Also, tell them to thoroughly dry their hands and body before handling electronics and appliances. 

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4. Tell Adults About Flickering Light Bulbs & Frayed Cords.

When kids are in the bathroom, it’s important for them not to try to fix or touch the electronic that seems broken. Prepare them for this scenario, and instruct them to go find a responsible adult and stay away from the damaged item. 

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5. Keep Unessential Electronics Out Of The Bathroom.

The best way to avoid the frightening scenario of an electrical surge in your bathroom is to keep electronics to a minimum. Your kid does not need to watch their favorite show on the iPad during bath time. It’s good to take a break from screens, and it diminishes the chances of an accident happening, or a broken iPad. 

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