Jimmy Kimmel's Newborn Son's Health Crisis Speaks To Parents Everywhere

by Brandon Topp

Millions of people were moved by the teary-eyed, heartfelt monologue that late night host Jimmy Kimmel of Jimmy Kimmel Live! just delivered about his newborn’s recent heart complications (click to watch it above). The normally smooth-talking talk-show host quivered and fought off tears as he told his audience the story of nearly losing his son to the congenital heart condition he was born with. 

In retelling his terrifying emotional experience, Kimmel hit on common ground for parents of newborns: no matter the individual experience, this is a highly stressful time. Parents’ first six weeks with their newborns and all the very real ups and downs that come with it is the crux of our popular show Birth Days. And luckily, a story like Kimmel’s begins like a nightmare, but ultimately serves as a shining light for new parents and those expecting. Find out when to watch Birth Days and where you can tune in. Watch a clip from the show below:

Anxious Young Parents Can Look To Kimmel’s Story For Comfort.

When you meet any good-hearted couple who is expecting and you ask if it’s going to be a girl or a boy, an incomparably popular response is, “I don’t care, as long as it’s healthy.”

Anyone who has said this or relates to it felt their stomach drop when Kimmel described a hospital room filling with doctors, as they slowly realized his three-hour old boy William wasn’t getting enough oxygen into his blood. They felt the confusion, and the helplessness — it's a new parent’s nightmare. However, William survived. 

Kimmel did a great job shining a light on the positives from this heart-wrenching episode in his life. He praised the nurse who found the problem, the doctor who performed the surgery, and all of the gears that turned at Cedar Sinai Hospital and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to get his son home safe. 

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Technology & Medicine Are Wildly Advanced Today. 

With the top trending video on YouTube today, with over 3.5 million views in 24 hours, Kimmel is not the only story celebrating newborn medicine. Doctors in Long Island recently executed a never-before-performed surgery on newborn triplets, who suffered from a rare skull condition that could have eventually led to brain damage and impaired eyesight.

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Use These Stories To Curb Concerns With Optimism. 

As Kimmel pointed out at the end of his speech, not every newborn health scare has a happy ending. The country is up-in-arms on how much to spend on healthcare and there are countless stories of emergencies where families or hospitals can’t afford treatment.

While it’s important to be aware of these things, it’s also important to look Kimmel’s story as well as the triplets in Long Island, and know that in 2017 medicine and technology are both profoundly advanced. 

So, parents of newborns who have that nightmare of encountering some terrifying issue, curb your anxiety by reading some positive stories from the world around you help keep your emotions and your perspective well-balanced. 

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