Mom Hears Dead Son's Heartbeat In Transplant Patient

by Z Living Staff

Get out the tissues, everyone. Because if you haven’t seen this, then you are definitely going to get the feels. Upworthy recently shared a video of a North Dakota mom, Lisa Swanson, who hears her dead son’s heart, beating within the man who received it through an organ transplant. 

The video opens with a reunion of sorts between Lisa and 64 year-old Terry Hooper, the recipient of her late son’s heart. “You can’t cry or we won’t get through this,” she tells him before enfolding him in a big hug.



Terry nods, smiling and quickly uses a tissue to dot a few tears from his eyes.

“I get happiness and sadness all that the same time,” she says later in the video. “Sad that my son’s not here, but happy that he was able to help Terry.”

According to ABC, her son Schulz was killed in a car accident when he was just 18. When the teen went to get his driver’s license a few years earlier, she recalls that when it came to the question of whether he should become an organ donor, he said, “who wouldn’t want my awesomeness?” before promptly checking the box.

The emotional moment was staged to raise awareness about organ donation. According to the OPTN, the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network, someone is added to the national registry every 10 minutes and an estimated 22 people die every day awaiting a transplant.

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