Mom, You Empower Us!

by Z Living Staff

To all you mamas out there: it’s important to remember that working out is not selfish. Sure, you do it for yourself, but it also is important for your kids. It shows them the importance of self-care and self-love. It teaches them the inner strength that comes with setting and achieving goals. 

Exercise is one of life’s most beautiful confrontations. You challenge your fears, you battle your struggles, and you remind yourself over and over again what you’re capable of.

And when you do all of this with kiddos around, you teach them a powerful lesson about overcoming obstacles and never giving up. In fact, there is so much science out there telling us that kids learn best by example.

So if you are one of those mamas who would love to work out, but just can’t make the time, know this: getting your sweat on doesn’t just benefit you. It benefits your kids!

Even though this video is an ad, we absolutely had to share it. We just love the contrast between powerful women getting their sweat on with adoring kids watching on, proud of their mamas. For sure, this video is going to be making the rounds over Mother’s Day, so we wanted to be sure you got a head start on all the viral goodness. :-)
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