Making Cartoons Relatable: Nickelodeon’s Same-Sex Couple Debut

by Z Living Contributor

Nickelodeon made history last week by premiering the first pair of gay characters in the history of the its programming. The couple enters the show The Loud House, and brings a new realm of mindfulness and relationship-understanding to the living rooms of millions of American kids. The move gained fast social traction, as a momentous episode for a network that shaped so many of our child-and-parenthoods. Its also another victory in the steady fight towards normalization and equality. 

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The Loud House tells the story of Lincoln, an 11-year-old boy who has 10 sisters. On last week's episode, Lincoln's friend Clyde arrives for a slumber party. When he welcomes the friend at the door, it's revealed that Clyde has two dads. "Hi, Mr. McBride. Hi, Mr. McBride," Lincoln says before the dads load Lincoln up with a comically ridiculous amount of things Clyde needs for the night.

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This exchange is totally casual and normal… for a cartoon. It’s this type of representation that reduces stigmas and takes emotional power away from elitists and bullies. A quick greeting without a PSA, or heavy-handed emotional moment, helps Nickelodeon step into the realm of equality while acknowledging that acceptance can be a casual, natural perception. 

Check out the clip here:


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