Orphans from Democratic Republic of Congo Reunite Parents

by Z Living Staff
Get out the tissues, everyone.

This tearful reunion between the Grovers and their two sons was a three year process in the making. Although the boys were adopted in 2013, the Democratic Republic of Congo put in place a suspension of exit letters shortly after, which shuttered foreign adoption.

This change in immigration law began a three year ordeal, which culminated in this heartwarming reunion in Utah earlier last month.

"Until I was holding them, I didn't believe it," Jennifer Grover told Today. "We've already been through the adoption process three times before, but this one sent us on an emotional roller coaster."

Jennifer asked another adoptive parent to record their reunion, which she then uploaded to Facebook. Predictably, the video went viral and has been viewed over 5 million times.

UNICEF estimates that there are 4 million orphans in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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