Create Your Own Family Summer Bucket List

by Rebecca Green

One of my biggest successes in parenting thus far has been the creation of seasonal family bucket lists. I’m always looking for ways to keep our kids interested in trying new things, and looping them in to making a list of intriguing activities has worked incredibly well. They feel invested and I always have a go-to back up when they are looking for something to do. Plus, working together to knock things off the list creates a great sense of family camaraderie.

We recently posted our own Summer Bucket List, but here are my suggestions for making your own: 

  1. Include a mix of activities that cover a range of interests – I like to include quiet activities, outdoor adventures, educational opportunities, and community goodwill. There’s always something for everyone and pretty much any situation. 
  2. Stretch yourselves – I suggest picking some activities you know for certain that your family will enjoy, but also add things that extend outside of your interests and comfort zone. It usually turns out that the random things our kids add end up being our seasonal favorites. 
  3. Include things you are interested in too – It’s not all about the kids! I love adding items that sit atop my own bucket list as well. It’s good for the kids to understand that the interests of others are important too. 
  4. Involve friends and family – I always like to think about playdates and trips when putting together our lists. It’s much more fun to include other people when coming up with bucket list ideas. 
  5. Have fun! – Bucket lists shouldn’t serve as another reminder of things you aren’t getting done! Nor should theyt stress you out. We routinely check only a handful of things off our lists and then roll the rest of our items over to the next one. 
Happy bucket list making!

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