Should Raising Kids Vegan Be Illegal? Italy May Think So

by Kimberly B. Johnson
Italian politician Elvira Savino made international headlines this week when she proposed a bill that would take legal action against parents who raise their children on a vegan or vegetarian diet. The draft for the proposed bill will be discussed by parliamentary committees before it goes to the floor for a debate later this year.
Savino, the conservative Italian politician who proposed the new law, told New York Daily News she believes a plant-based diet puts children in “mortal danger from unwary parents who have decided to follow a philosophical movement.”
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One of Savino’s biggest opponents, Katherine Brooking, author and co-founder of diet-network Appetite for Health, tells Yahoo Beauty, “The threat of imprisonment for someone feeding children under 16 a vegan diet is unwarranted.” She goes on to point out that both the Academy of Nutrition and Diabetics, as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics have stated, “well-planned vegetarian and vegan eating patterns are healthy for infants and toddlers.”
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Brooking suggests parents contemplating a vegan-family lifestyle consult a registered dietitian who specializes in vegan meal planning. “It can be a healthy way of eating, yet it is a major commitment and definitely is not for everyone,” Brooking tells Yahoo Beauty.  She continues,” “Non-vegan diets can also be very healthy and are generally easier to follow, as they allow more flexibility.”

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