How Moms Found A Way To Feed Babies After A Tornado

by Z Living Staff

On the day after Christmas, a series of tornadoes ripped through a community in north Texas. By the time the tornadoes had finally subsided, 13 people were dead and at least 2,000 homes and buildings had been destroyed.

Predictably, power was out all over the region, which gives rise to huge problems. New mothers have no power, which means no refrigeration, which means they wouldn’t be able to store extra breast milk for long.

Enter Candice Kuzov, whose first thought after the disaster was how to get a steady supply of breast milk to the affected areas. She started asking around on Facebook for donations and it wasn’t long before she was totally blown away by the generosity in everyone’s heart. “The response was so immediate and so overwhelming,” Candice said.

The donations kept coming. A movement had begun. A few of her friends joined the effort and soon they were distributing not only breast milk, but pumps and other nursery supplies to moms all over the area. All in all, they estimate they brought 4,000 oz. of milk to the affected community.

We’re so glad there are people like Candice in the world!
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