5 Reasons Halloween Is Much Better When You’re A Parent

by Shahrzad Warkentin
As a parent you occasionally look wistfully back on those slightly less crazy pre-baby days, but nothing really beats being with your kids, especially on a fun-filled, kid-centric, costume-crazy holiday like Halloween. Here are just a few of the reasons why Halloween is so much better after you've become a parent:

1. Family Halloween Costumes Are Pretty Much The Best

If you were a fan of couples’ Halloween costumes before you had kids, then this holiday is about to feel 10x better now that you're a parent. Coordinating costumes with your kids takes dressing up to a whole new level and opens up the realm of creative possibilities. With babies and toddlers the sartorial power rests in your hands, but as your kids get older, let them take the reins and pick out a costume that you can build on. Either way, you’ll enjoy a fun bonding experience as you head out to trick-or-treat.
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2. Halloween-ing With Kids Is (Face It) Much Better For Your Health

You might feel sad to bid goodbye to the sexy Halloween costumes and all-night parties of your youth, but being in your cozy pjs before 9pm is nice too. Being a parent might mean letting go of some of the things you used to love, but those things are usually replaced by something much better. In the case of Halloween, it means trading your going-out heels for fuzzy slippers and an early night at home watching It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown while you sort through the candy haul.
Parenting is a great excuse to get a full night of zzz's, no matter if it’s a holiday or not. As studies have shown, even a short-term loss of sleep can affect your mood and increase your risk of certain diseases, so, really, enjoy the benefits of tucking in early.

3. Trick-Or-Treating Is Magical All Over Again

There’s something simply magical about roaming your neighborhood in costume after dark, but sadly, you have to let go of that as you get too old to go trick-or-treating. That is, until you become a parent. Reliving favorite childhood moments with your kids is one of the best perks of parenting. Watching those adorable little Ninja Turtles and Elsas light up as they fill their buckets and take in the spooky decorations will make you feel the magic all over again.
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4. The Halloween Tricks Are Tamer (And Sometimes Just Funny)

From horror fests to virtual reality experiences, Halloween isn't exactly for the faint of heart these days. If you're not really a fan of being frightened, then sticking with kid-friendly activities and decor makes Halloween a lot easier to manage. As a parent you have the perfect excuse to keep your ghouls and ghosts G-rated. You'll have plenty of fun with smiling jack o'lanterns and jolly skeletons and sleep soundly without any frights invading your dreams.

5. Bring On The Leftovers!

After you've passed out candy to the last trick-or-treater and carefully inspected your child's Halloween haul, you will inevitably be faced with some leftovers. You wouldn't want that to go waste, so as a parent it's your duty to make sure those leftover treats find a home. A bagful of candy isn’t exactly healthy for anyone, but a little something sweet in moderation won't hurt. Enjoy a treat or two to celebrate the season. After all, you've earned it walking around the neighborhood for hours.
Parenting can be hard, but for every challenge there is an even greater reward. Sewing costumes and dealing with a sugar rush might be stressful, but with so many benefits nothing really beats being a parent on Halloween.
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Tell us in the comments: What’s your favorite part about being a parent on Halloween?


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