Immortalize Your Baby Bump With A Plaster Cast

by Z Living Contributor
Whether you have one kid or six, pregnancy is a special time in your life, when your body opens itself up and makes room for another. To be sure, there is something really special about Mama’s belly, the baby bump as it's often referred to. It's magical, it's a miracle, it can also be super uncomfortable. But despite the stretching skin, and the achey swelling joints, the way life grows inside (and shows outside) during pregnancy is worth capturing in all its rotund glory.

It’s in this spirit, that we found this company, which offers a unique service to pregnant women, really touching. Belly Deluxe will sit down with Mama and create a beautiful porcelain cast of mama’s baby bump. 

It’s a remarkable process with a touching end result. You’ll just have to watch to see, but we’ll give you the basics of how it works:

A liquid clay is mixed together and will harden into a cast around mama’s belly. It only takes a few minutes before she is able to slip out of the cast - which is a good thing because sitting for too long in one position during late pregnancy is no easy task.

Next, the artisans pour a liquid plaster mix into the cavity where it sits for several house. Finally, a sculptor uses a craft knife to shape the hands into a real-life detailed cast.

This is definitely one of those objects to be cherished for a lifetime. What an amazing memory of pregnancy it will be for the whole family.

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