The Trick To Beating Postpartum Weight Gain

by Victoria Mackey

The trick to avoiding postpartum weight gain simply requires you to focus on your body and tend to its most important needs as best as possible. As we saw on the “Moms” episode of The Big Fat Truth, ignoring your own health after having a baby can lead to obesity and disease. 

Check out how these mothers overcame their own health issues on The Big Fat Truth with host JD Roth. See where you can tune in.

Tips For Beating Postpartum Weight Gain: 

Don’t Wait Until After The Pregnancy 

Obviously, weight gain during pregnancy is normal, but excess weight gain can make it tough to slow down after the baby comes. Eating healthy is a major part of avoiding this slippery slope. Be sure to consult your doctor on tips for how to eat healthy when you’re pregnant. 

There’s also plenty of information out there to sift through yourself. One helpful tidbit from Fit Pregnancy says, “Pregnancy is the time to make every calorie count. Foods rich in essential nutrients such as protein, folate and iron will nourish you and your baby.” The piece also recommends eating four or five mini-meals a day to prevent heartburn and keep blood-sugar levels steady. 

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Talk To Your OB About A Thyroid Test

If you’re struggling with postpartum weight gain, there’s a chance that you’re dealing with low thyroid function, which is a common side effect of pregnancy and giving birth. Speak with your OB about how to best deal with your low thyroid function, so you can get back to a healthy weight. 

Body Ecology suggests some natural methods to battle low-thyroid function including eliminating processed foods from your diet, and eating certain thyroid-boosting fats like those found in coconut oil. Other important fats for your thyroid include raw butter, cod liver oil, and red palm oil. 

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Other Causes Include: Lack Of Sleep, & Stress

This study from University Hospitals of Cleveland followed nearly 70,000 women for 16 years, and found that, “Short sleep duration is associated with a modest increase in future weight gain and incident obesity.” 

We recognize that it’s not easy for new mothers to just get more sleep. However, it is important, which is why JD Roth insisted that the moms he worked with on The Big Fat Truth seek out support from their partners or families. Help with the kids allows moms to take time for important self-responsibilities like sleep and exercise. Stress is another reason for postpartum weight-gain, which furthers the argument for doing your best to find parenting support from partners, family members, or friends. 

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Love Yourself, But Stay Conscious

One theme we found on the “Moms” episode of The Big Fat Truth, was a lost motivation to eat well and exercise from these overworked parents. It’s important to be wary of becoming too obsessed with your body image or weight, as that can be dangerous and unhealthy. At the same time, you want to remember that your body is a living organism that needs to be taken care of in order to last for your children. If you’re living one day at a time, your body is eventually going to respond. 

How To Avoid Postpartum Weight Gain

So, at the end of the day, there’s still the most important question—how do I avoid postpartum weight-gain? Well, if you want to follow the formula from The Big Fat Truth, you can try adopting a whole-food, plant-based diet. The results have been phenomenal for the moms who appeared on the show, and the 20,000+ participants of The Big Fat Challengewhere host JD Roth emails you daily fitness tips. Sign up here

No matter how you try to avoid postpartum weight gain, it’s important to eat well, exercise regularly and do your best to manage sleep and stress levels. Find support from those around you, and be thoughtful with how you treat yourself.

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