The One Thing Moms Can't Succeed Without

by Karen Paul
The one thing moms can't succeed without is the most common thing they forget during the long, emotional, consuming early years of parenting. Overweight mothers on our original series The Big Fat Truth found themselves at dangerous points when they joined the show, and learning about the value of "me" time changed each of their lives forever.  

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The Secret To Surviving Motherhood, According To JD Roth

For those unfamiliar, each episode of The Big Fat Truth features a group of everyday heroes—i.e. teachers, nurses, and moms—who have lost control of their own health, and are ready to take it back. Host JD Roth—formerly of The Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss—addresses their lifestyles and diets to get them back on track.

The first thing Roth asked these mothers about—"me" time. He looked at the five of them and said, "I know how hard it is, because I've seen my own wife deal with two young kids—diapers flying everywhere—and it's years when you just think you're in the middle of chaos, and you can't get out of it. So, when do you really have "me" time?"

The Importance Of "Me" Time When You're A Mother

None of the moms who came on The Big Fat Truth joined the show in the habit of taking time to focus on themselves, or their health. Getting bogged down in the stresses of parenthood enabled each of them to fall into routines where exercise was non-existent, an easy fast-food dinner was more appealing than something home-cooked, and where their homes became messy stressors. 

Roth knew that none of these moms were going to turn their lives around, if they didn't learn to take some time to focus on themselves. So, after placing each guest on a whole-food, plant-based diet, like he does every episode, Roth spent time with each of the moms teaching them to take care of themselves. He talked to their husbands to help rally extra support, he made house-calls, and he made concrete, actionable goals for everyone to work on. The results were spectacular. 

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Another Expert's Opinion

On this same episode, Roth brought in fitness expert and trainer Heidi Powell to guide the moms through a special workout made just for them. We sat down with Powell to discuss the experience, and one of her major takeaways was the importance of taking "me" time when you're a mother. 

Powell told us, “One of the biggest lessons that moms need to know, is the idea of being selfish… We’re programmed to take care of everyone else from when we’re pregnant, so much so that the thought of taking care of yourself comes with such a huge amount of guilt. But, by taking care of everyone else before yourself, you’ll fall apart”

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Not To Take Anything Away From The Countless Selfless Moms Out There

There are countless mothers out there who have been more than successful in terms of raising their children, without taking much "me" time at all. However, when we talk about success here, we're talking about health and happiness for the whole family. If you give everything you have to your child, and leave no attention to your own health, it's going to impair you. 

Parenting is everyone's own mission and journey, we're just here to tell you that no matter how hard it gets, you need to find time to take care of yourself. You can repurpose your diet, and still get the kids fed and out the door. We know, it's tough, but we've seen it happen. 

Did the moms who appear on the season finale of ‘The Big Fat Truth’ learn to take care of themselves? Tune in to find out.

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