Does Having A Baby Make You Run Faster?

by ZLiving Staff

We’ve got a great story for all you Moms out there. According to Runner’s World Magazine, having a baby can actually make you faster.

Say whaat?!

That’s right, we’re hearing lots of evidence that when new mamas return to their exercise routine, post-partum, they're hitting their stride in ways that they’ve never done before.

The question is — why?

Well, that’s the part scientists aren’t entirely sure of. They do have a couple theories, though, most of which have to do with the heart. “During pregnancy, the heart actually changes to accommodate for a higher level of blood circulation,” said Michelle Mottolla, Ph.D., professor of kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario.

In other words, pregnancy may make it easier for your heart to deliver workout essential oxygen to the rest of your body.

Despite the changes to your heart that may give you a boost, new mamas should nevertheless be careful when they return to the track. Motolla recommends a structured approach to getting your run back.

Still, this is great news for young families. Regardless of whether mama bird is trying to run the Boston maration, that extra endurance will serve them well for all the extra responsibilities of having a little one in the world.

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