A Guide To The Holidays When You're Expecting

by Rachael Collier

Celebrating the holidays when you’re pregnant can be challenging. Parties, late nights, and cocktails are abound. Needy family members, big meals, and cold weather don't help much either. This season, it’s important to practice mindfulness to ensure you are taking care of yourself and your little one. Here are some tips on how to keep December peaceful and manageable when you’re expecting:

Plan To Relax

Make time on your calendar to do whatever is necessary for you to relax. For some it’s a prenatal yoga or aquafit class. For others it is simply a few hours of Netflix with a hot cup of tea. Honor this time, even if a conflict appears. There is no need to tell anyone you can’t attend an event because you have a massage or a pedicure scheduled. A simple, “I’m sorry but I’m already booked,” sidesteps awkwardness and protects your “me time.” 

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Come Baring (Delicious) Gifts

Sometimes a holiday party schedule might have you waiting until 8pm to eat, when your baby needs to eat sooner. Bring a tasty, filling appetizer to parties that could be put out right away. It will keep you happy, while delighted hosts greet you saying, “You’re pregnant, you shouldn’t have!” It will also give you something to fill up on, which will help if you have an (pregnant) aversion to whatever the host is serving. 

One Event Per Day. Full Stop. 

Don’t overschedule yourself. Pick no more than one event per day—including Christmas and New Year’s. It can be tough with friends and family hosting different gatherings, but committing to any more than that will leave you exhausted, tired, and out of the festive spirit. You’ll also be able to enjoy the company you are with, without dreading moving on to the next event. 

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Tote a Tasty (Alcohol-Free) Tipple 

Find a drink you truly enjoy to sip, and bring it along as your go-to while everyone enjoys wine and spirits. There is no need for guilt over sugar and calories, because you’re pregnant and it’s the holidays. Go beyond sparking water to find some tasty soda you will love! Check out Thrillist’s Guide to the Top 32 Sodas by State.

Splurge On A Little Black (Maternity) Dress 

Everyone thinks you look radiant, but that doesn’t matter if you don’t feel radiant. Treat yourself to a dress that makes you feel like a goddess, and your confidence will shine through. Z Living loves this Mamalicious lace dress (ASOS, $76) and the tunic dress by Hatch (ANI + WREN, $450). 

What tips would you add to our Guide To The Holidays When You’re Expecting? Tell us in the comments below!

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