Kim Hits Back At Body Shamers, Lets Nude Pic Do The Talking

by simona-terron

Expecting her second child, Kim Kardashian West decided that the only way to silence her detractors who were speculating that she was faking her entire pregnancy, was by posting a nude pic of herself on Instagram a couple of days ago.Even though her gazillion fans and followers have celebrated her new pregnancy, especially after she publicly declared her frustrating struggle to have a second baby, there are several folks spreading rumors about how the whole thing is a sham and that Kim is going to elaborate lengths to cover up the fact that shes using a surrogate to carry her child to term. Others pointed out that she was looking too thin to be truly pregnant and yet others called her fat just to be mean.Tired of the body shaming, Kim decided to do what she does best, by using social media to shut them up them once and for all. Her nude picture may be shocking but it sure draws attention to the very real struggle women around the world face. Whether it is their bodies, their decision to have or not have children, their choice of partners or even their sexuality, women are constantly subjected to critical remarks from well-meaning people, who end up doing more harm than good.We suggest you stop to think about this, and pay attention to what this cool, young woman says as she communicates these very issues in a funny, but simple video:

Image Courtesy: Kim Ks InstagramExplore our Wellness section for spa DIY, natural home care and more.

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