This Triathlete Championed Motherhood At The Finish Line

by Z Living Contributor
Google, “breastfeeding in public,” and you’ll find a running stream of recent controversy surrounding the topic. An old taboo is now challenged by women everywhere, and triathlete Mary Lyle is the latest to break the Web with her unapologetic finish-line celebration: The new mom breastfed her daughter just minutes after completing a triathlon.

Not only is being a new mother tough, so is being an athlete. Each role is time consuming and exhausting. So when someone parents their butt off, while being a strong woman who proudly defies unjustified social restrictions, people notice.
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It's no surprise that the above photo of Mary Lyle nursing her newborn after a triathlon has gotten thousands of likes on Facebook. This piece by Self tells the story of Lyle—a new mom—who managed to champion the challenges of early parenthood while training for three 10K races and a sprint triathalon. She made adjustments like taking a stroller on her jogs, and replacing long outdoor bike rides with stationary cruises at home, near baby Grayson’s crib.

Her completion of a sprint triathlon this past July came after the three other races, culminating in a physical accomplishment that all new mothers can find inspiring. There are many things to love about this story, but we were particularly touched by the waves of other female athletes who posted their own finish line feed photos:
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