Why Mamas-To-Be Should Consider A Vegan Pregnancy

by Clark Illmatical

Are you an expecting mother? Interested in a dietary program that develops a healthy fetus and fosters your child’s brain development? How about a diet that helps reduce or removes morning sickness? Better yet, how would you like stay fit, have more energy and maintain your body weight?

Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. Mothers-to-be are turning towards vegan diets to assist them with pregnancy. Some women have stated that their green diets and vegan lifestyle removed complications that they noticed from previous pregnancies, including back pain, frequent nausea, body weight and emotional health. 

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The Benefits of a Vegan Pregnancy

Expecting mothers benefit from a vegan diet as soon as they begin. Why? 

Your child’s brain experiences tremendous growth during the first and second trimester. Some research indicates that during the early weeks a mother’s intelligence and personality are being formed. A carefully selected vegan diet can help mothers avoid unnecessary chemicals and toxins found in processed foods. 

Many mothers, who have already given birth, mention that a carefully planned vegan diet helped remove previous body aches, they had more energy and basically eliminated or minimized morning sickness. 

How is this possible? Morning sickness, is a mother’s body, attempting at cleansing a mother’s body, providing protection for the fetus. There are many toxins in meat and dairy products have proven to contribute towards the creation of mucus. A properly planned vegan diet not only circumvents these problems but provides the mother and child the necessary vitamins and nutrients. 

Less pain contributes towards better sleep and emotional health, which in turn provides the mother with more energy and vitality. 

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Creating A Vegan Diet

Even if mothers-to-be have had experience and success with their personal vegan diet, it is best to consult a pediatrician when planning for pregnancy. Work with them to make sure that your diet includes plenty of water, calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 which also assist the fetus’s brain development and strengthens the nervous system; iron and protein.

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Plan Carefully

Mothers may be excited about trying a vegan lifestyle during pregnancy, however, many medical experts recommend that mothers-to-be ease into the diet instead of plunging in 100%. A failed vegan diet will prevent a mother from getting the necessary protein and Omega-3 fatty acid. Even after you’ve consulted your pediatrician and perhaps a nutritionist, you need to wash the vegetables properly to avoid chemicals. 

Once you’ve planned and tried the diet out, see how your body responds to it. Hopefully, it will be a success and you’ll join the number of women who support vegan diets for a successful pregnancy and healthy baby.

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Tell us in the comments: What sort of diet do you feel is best for pregancy?

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