Outdoor Series: Best Water Sports to Tone Your Body

Want to reduce your body weight by 90% and tone your body at the same time? Jump in the water and splash your way into shape for the summer. Exercising in the water is not only gentle on the joints, but it also improves your overall fitness.

Some research reports that individuals who work out on the water tend to enjoy their exercise more than individuals who stick to dry land. The beauty of working out on the water is that most sports require balance and provide a cardio workout that will burn a good amount of calories.

Water sports can be enjoyed by a group of friends and is a great way to build strong relationships and reduce stress from your hectic schedule.

Water Sports to Tone Your Physique

Switch up your exercise routine and opt to indulge in water sports instead. Here are 4 water sports you need to try this season.

1. Kayaking

One hour of kayaking can burn up to 500 calories. Easy to do, and with no experience necessary, kayaking will put your arms to work.

As you try to navigate through the waters, you use your arm strength to row your way through and also work out your lower back and glutes to maneuver the kayak on the water.

Even though you are sitting down, you are engaging all the muscles of your body due to the balance and strategic movements required in this exercise. Make sure to keep your back straight and rotate your torso with each stroke of your paddle for an effective workout.

2. Wakeboarding

If you haven’t tried wakeboarding yet, you need to put it down on your summer to-do list. Wakeboarding is not only fun, but it puts your entire body to work.

The first challenge starts when you try to get up on the board. As the speedboat pulls away, you need to use your entire strength to pick yourself up and get onto the wakeboard to start your exercise.

It’s okay if it takes a couple of tries, especially if you’re a beginner. Once you’ve managed to get onboard, wakeboarding requires you to focus on your balance and engage your core as you work out.

3. Kitesurfing

One of the more challenging sports to try, kitesurfing requires lower body strength and keeps your core engaged the whole time. While you use your lower back to balance on the surfboard, your arms, shoulders, chest, and back are working to navigate the kite in the air.

Practice makes perfect. Try core strengthening exercises such as planks when you’re at the gym to promote core strength that you can use on the water.

4. Water Yoga

Reap the mental and physical health benefits of yoga by adding a little more fun to your environment. Yoga in the water is extremely beneficial to build muscle while taking the pressure off your joints.

If you are suffering from an injury, water yoga will help you stay in shape and help you feel more relaxed in the process. Yoga poses in the water will strengthen your core and put those muscles to work.

Always remember to drink lots of water to stay hydrated, especially after exercise. Consult your doctor if you get injured or feel any kind of unusual pain when exercising.

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