Those of you who are unfamiliar with Adrianne Ho—host of our new series Sweat The Cityon Saturdays at 7pmhave a whole lot to discover about this model, fashionista, and cultural figure. On the show, Ho travels to different cities to find and sample the best local fitness, fashion, and food trends. Throughout these adventures, she tries everything from ceviche to surfing to cryotherapy.

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How Did Adrianne Ho Become A Star?

Adrianne Ho’s route to success began in the city of Toronto, where she grew up with a French mother and Chinese father. The diversity of cultures in her household fostered an appreciation for Ho in regards to food, style, and fitness.

After growing into an international model and the face of beauty campaigns for giant companies like L’Oreal and Maybelline, Adrianne Ho slowly became a notable figure in the world of fashionable fitness. In 2013, she founded Sweat The Stylea digital platform devoted to fitness-fashion, natural beauty, and positive health. In 2015, she launched an active streetwear collection called Sweat The Style. And this July, she’s launching her new series here with us on Z Living—Sweat The City

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The Best Ways To Get A Taste For Adrianne Ho’s Style

Adrianne Ho has garnered a large fan base over the past several years, and it’s all because her impeccable fashion sense and health-positive outlook can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to better themselves.

For those who are less familiar with Adrianne Ho, a great place to start is with her blog Sweat The Stylewhere her fashion shoots are regularly published, showcasing the world’s top fitness brands. The publication also posts pieces on health, nutritious food and drink, beauty, and travel.

Another way to enjoy a constant feed of Adrianne Ho’s excursions and photo shoots, is to join her 626 thousand Instagram followers, where her new looks, and the best fitness-fashion brands are represented daily. 

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There’s Also Adrianne Ho’s New Series On Z Living

For Adrianne Ho fans both new and old, you are bound to get your fix of her endless fashion tips and vibrant personality on our new series Sweat The CityCheck out the series on Z Living—Saturdays at 8PM—to get a taste for the adventures and discoveries Adrianne Ho is bringing to Z Living.