Why You Should Add Cycling to Your Exercise Routine

Ditch your sedentary lifestyle habits and cycle your way to a healthy body and a positive mind. Engaging in an active lifestyle with regular exercise promotes overall health and well-being.

You might not see it now, but staying fit can help to reduce stress and anxiety as well as protect your body from developing health problems such as diabetes, cancer, and arthritis that arise from sitting around all day.

If you’re not about going to the gym or interested in getting a fitness membership, choose cycling in the great outdoors instead. Cycling is classified as an aerobic activity, therefore, your heart, lungs, and blood vessels are put to work.

Not only will cycling outdoors give you a much-needed breath of fresh air (and vitamin D),  but cycling is a low impact sport that is safe for the environment and enjoyed by individuals of all ages.

5 Benefits of Cycling

Aside from benefiting your physical health, cycling is shown to improve your mental well-being and protect you from various health problems that could arise in the future.

1. Cardiovascular Fitness

Cycling can get your heart rate up, improve circulation, and make your heart stronger with each workout. With a stronger heart, your chances of developing a cardiovascular disease are reduced. Your heart muscles will become stronger and your blood fat levels will decrease.

Some research shows that cycling to work or other places instead of driving your car can reduce your exposure to pollution and improve your lung function in the long run. Cycling is also a healthier alternative and is safer for the environment.

Protect yourself from heart attacks and strokes, along with other cardiovascular health problems, and take your bike for a little spin.

2. Healthy Weight Loss

Give your metabolism a healthy boost and burn excess body fat by going on regular bike rides. Call your friends or take your kids and make it a social yet healthy activity for everyone to enjoy.

Along with a healthy diet, cycling regularly can burn about 300 calories an hour and help you reach your weight loss goals in no time. Cycle at your own speed — whether you want to cruise along the shoreline or amp up your intensity — as you have the power to control the type of workout you want to do.

3. Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Exercise is the best remedy when it comes to managing stress and reducing feelings of anxiety. Since cycling is a form of exercise, your mental health can benefit from the release of endorphins that boost happiness and keep your spirits lifted throughout the day.

Riding a bike in a park or by the beach promotes feelings of enjoyment and helps you forget all the stress and tension that you’ve been going through. It makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenates the mind instead.

The next time you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the whole world, switch off your phone, get on your bike and feel the negative energy start to fade away.

4. Gentle on the Joints

Cycling is a low impact sport and, when compared to running, is less weight-bearing, and causes less injury to the knees and joints. Instead of all your weight being on your knees and legs, your weight is shifted to the pelvis instead.

This form of exercise is extremely beneficial for people who suffer from weak knees and other age-related health problems, such as joint pain and stiffness.

Another plus is that if you are injured and are not able to run or brisk walk, cycling is a good alternative to maintain your exercise routine and keep you in shape during your recovery period.

5. Reduces Risk of Diseases

Physical activities and general exercise is an effective way to promote health and reduce the risk of developing diseases. Research shows that individuals who engage in moderate to high physical activities have a reduced risk of cancer when compared to individuals who lived a more sedentary lifestyle.

Exercises such as cycling can also protect your body from diabetes, as physical activity controls symptoms of this disease by keeping your blood sugar in check.

As always, make sure to drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated, especially after vigorous exercise.

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