Dive in with Finding Fido

Get behind the scenes updates and transform lives by getting involved in matching more shelter dogs with human companions.


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Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes and onto the set of Finding Fido with host Seth Casteel and his guests (that's two and four-legged).

Z Living Host Seth Casteel found his dog Nala at a shelter. Are you looking for a 4-legged companion from the shelter? Discover our favorite adoptable dogs across America!

Z Living Host Seth Casteel and his best friend Nala love playing together on set. We couldn’t help but capture their friendship.

This little guy is a star! He’s a featured dog in the book Underwater Dogs. He loves to get in the water!

Is Scottie clever enough to complete Seth’s test? Find out if Scottie is the right dog for the Pleasant Family on Finding Fido, premiering January 17.

This cute guy has been working with Seth for years! He loves to get in the water.

Todd is looking for a calm companion to help him get out of the house. Was Tuffy the right dog for him? Find out in episode 1 of Finding Fido, premiering January 17.

Shhhh! Quiet on set! Marisa is doing a test to see if Fuji is well behaved. Is Fuji the dog for her? Find out on Finding Fido, premiering January 17.

Families with children should look for a dog who is patient and gentle. Is Blackjack a good fit for the Pleasant family? Find out on Finding Fido, premiering January 17.

Meet Seth Casteel,

He Really, Really Loves Dogs

Seth Casteel is a photographer and dog lover who has spent the last 9 years working with and photographing dogs. Seth’s photographs of dogs underwater(!) became the New York Times bestselling book, Underwater Dogs. Along the way his work with rescue dogs changed the focus of his work… and his life.

See more of Seth’s pics and find out how he is bringing his passion for pups to the Z Living Network with Finding Fido.

Give Back with #FindingFido

Help us help more people (and pooches) live happier and healthier lives. We’re joining forces with A Greater Good and Halo, Purely for Pets® to launch the #FindingFido grant program. We’ll be giving away a series of cash grants to shelters and pet adoption organizations in need across the U.S..

Want to get involved? Simply share a photo of you and your pooch on your favorite social channel and tag it with #FindingFido, for every hashtagged post we’ll give an additional $1.

Have a shelter you think should be considered for a grant? Tag them in your post and they’ll automatically be in the running to receive one of several $500 cash grants + $6000 worth of Halo pet food given away weekly leading up to the premiere of Finding Fido on January 17.

*see A Greater Good for full grant program details and grant requirements.

give back now


Just because a dog doesn’t find their perfect match on the show, doesn’t mean they don’t get their own happily ever after.

Find out about their journey here.

Meet The Dogs

These are just some of the lucky dogs who will be finding their perfect match this season on Finding Fido.


Call me Blackjack. I’m a 2 year old terrier. I met the Pleasant family’s little girl, Brooklyn, and I like the way she smelled. I hope they choose me to play with her for the rest of my life! We can take naps. I like naps


Can we go on a hike? Can we go on a run? The name’s Buddy and I’m a 5 year old Dachshund. I played with Roe - hopefully he will choose me as his best buddy and we can go chase squirrels! (I’m a great squirrel-hunting sidekick, by the way).


Hi there, I’m Herbie and I’m a lab boxer mix. Marisa and Daane were a ton of fun. Too much fun, maybe? Maybe not… At 7 years old, I’m ready to settle down and spend my life with one special family. I’m a devoted pet looking for a stable owner.


If you stick your nose up high and point it a bit to the left, you can get a stronger whiff of the East winds… that’s what my Grandpa used to say. I’m Oreo. I’m a 4 year old German Shorthaired Pointer. Want to go hunting? We’ll see if the Bell family can keep up with me!


Hi, I’m Scottie. Want a hug? Want a kiss? I’m a 5 year old terrier mix. I’m super affectionate and just want to feel safe. That’s why Seth picked me up. I don’t want to be in anyone else’s arms… Except maybe yours…


I’m Tundra. I’m a husky looking for a pack where a three dog night is the norm. What does that mean? It’s when the night is so chilly, you must curl up with three dogs to keep warm. Matt seems like he wants the same thing. Maybe he’s my new pack master!

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Dive in with Finding Fido

Get behind the scenes updates and transform lives by getting involved in matching more shelter dogs with human companions.