Benefits of Belly Dancing

When we think about belly dancing, we usually imagine a seductive dance with short and revealing clothing, but this is a common misconception. Belly dancing is a graceful and poised form of art. It empowers women, giving them the confidence to embrace their bodies.

Belly dancing has recently become popular for its enchanting dance moves and health benefits, though the origins of belly dancing date back to Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Middle East.

Practicing belly dancing can be invigorating and is ideal for all ages. No, you don’t have to show your stomach or wear a scarf around your hips; those are completely optional. But you will notice that as you begin to practice belly dancing, you will become more comfortable with your body, having the confidence to show off what you were blessed with.

Belly Dancing

4 Ways Belly Dancing Can Improve Your Self Image

For both men and women struggling with weight, menopause, or wanting to tone up before spring break, this activity is perfect for you. And for those who just need motivation and want a major boost in self-esteem, this is undoubtedly the best activity you should practice. Here’s why:

1. Belly Dancing Halls Are Covered In Mirrors

With unrealistic body goals and photoshopped social media models constantly bombarding our perceptions about our bodies, it can be hard being satisfied with the person in the mirror staring back us.

Belly dancing halls are full of mirrors that force you to stare at yourself, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. But as you begin to feel comfortable with yourself, you will start to see your flaws in a more positive light. Judgment will disappear as your negative impression of your body image disappears.

2. You Will Become More Comfortable with Your Body

At first, you will feel as if your body is stiff and doesn’t move the way you want it to. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning. You will use muscles you never even knew you had and may even feel a little sore.

Within due time and consistent practice, you will be able to push your body to limits you never thought were achievable. You will be aligned with your body and become more satisfied with your appearance.

3. Prevents You From Comparing Yourself to Others

Although you may be in a room full of people, when you belly dance, all of your focus is on yourself. Belly dancing gives you the opportunity to accept your body for the way that it is, as uncoordinated and off balance as you may think you are. It allows you to shift your perception of your body from foe to friend.

4. Belly Dancing Can Help Get Rid of Belly Fat

On average, an hour of belly dancing can burn up to 250-300 calories per hour. Belly dancing requires vigorous ab workouts that target your obliques and waistline, ultimately helping you slim down. You will notice with continued practice that you will feel more energized and lighter too.

Get Moving with Belly Dancing

So, if you are dealing with low self-esteem or are not satisfied with your body and want to make a change in your workout regimen, give belly dancing a try. People of all ages and walks of life have used belly dancing as a way to improve their health, self-image, and self-esteem. You will learn things about yourself that you never knew before and begin to fall in love with the skin you are in.

There have been no reported injuries associated with practicing belly dancing, but before you begin shaking your shimmy, make sure you talk to your doctor about starting any new form of physical activity that you think could be a potential problem.


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