The 105-Year-Old Yoga Teacher You Need to Know

by Myla Cruz

Lil Hansen of Ludington, Michigan is a 105-year-old yoga teacher sweeping the internet of its feet. Her personality is peppy and upbeat, and she can often be seen sporting a colorful pastels and a wide smile. Hansen teaches a weekly course, an extraordinary undertaking for a woman her age. 

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Born November 30, 1911, Hansen has been the talk of many yoga circles for years, showcasing a heightened level of agility and strength for an elderly woman. Hansen— who incorporates standing asanas, lying asanas and positions on all fours in her weekly, hour-long yoga classes—credits the practice with helping her reach such a ripe age. 

On her 105th birthday this past November, local Michigan news channel WZZM joined Lil for a yoga session at the Ludington Area Senior Center, where she instructs up to 30 students in their 70’s and 80’s every week. When asked how she manages to instruct a yoga class at her age, Lil simply explains, “I make it up as I go.” Additionally, her students enjoy the free-flowing course; one calling her a “true marvel,” while another referred to her as a second mother, saying that there’s nothing the teacher can’t do. 

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Hansen, who is also the president of the local Bridge team, drives herself around in her own car, and lives alone in the same house she grew up in. Her impeccable strength, independence and agility are all friendly reminders that you never have to stop being healthy and active.

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