A Yoga Teacher Recommends Her Favorite At-Home DVDs

by Nisha Gulati

Yoga was touted as the most Google-d workout program of 2015, and many Americans are increasingly embracing the practice for reasons other than just weight loss, too. Whether it is to eradicate lifestyle diseases, find peace of mind, relieve stress, or just initiate a meditation practice, the popularity of yoga is fast-surging, and so are the prices of its teachers and studios.

As a practitioner myself, I’ve always found that one needn’t pay big bucks to make the most of a good thing, especially when it’s something as pure and calming as yoga. There are several ways to start, keep up, and even advance your practice through convenient mediums such as instructional DVDs, which serve up a variety of styles and classes for different skill levels that cater to your need.

Now, I’m not discounting the expertise of a teacher when it comes to showing you right the form and technique, but perhaps once you’ve attended a few beginners’ classes and understood the basics, you can find your at-home yoga fix in the comfort of your living room. The DVDs I’d be happy to back as a teacher myself are:

Yoga Journal’s Complete Beginner’s Guide
Yoga is one form of meditation in which you assume certain positions to balance the body, mind, and soul. At $15, the DVD is a good buy for first-timers who need some detailed explanations on how to lay down a solid foundation for their practice, and understand how they will benefit from what they’re doing. The in-depth tutorials will help you perfect form and breathing to execute asanas that can strengthen your body, de-stress your mind, and gear up for the next level by nailing the basics.

Celebrity Trainer Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy
While you may find a few stray videos on YouTube where the yogi is training the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Kate Beckinsale, Ingber’s DVD is definitely worth a buy for just under $11 as she teaches you how to connect with the mind and body simultaneously. The trainer prescribes a hybrid yoga routine that combines traditional asanas with dynamic exercises which aim to tone and sculpt usual trouble spots, while also helping you create a healthy and respectful relationship with your body.

Kundalini Yoga Meditation For Beginners & Beyond
The DVD focuses on a meditative form of yoga which taps into opening your chakras to evoke relaxation of the mind and energizing of the body. If spirituality and de-stressing are your goals, then this video series is just the thing to teach you how to breathe correctly, meditate, induce relaxation, and become more self-aware. When all it costs is $16 to feel inspired, appreciate life, and be at peace with yourself, then what’s stopping you?

The Male-Targeted DDP Yoga
There are very few video series that are dedicated to yoga for men, so this one has a special page in my books. The DDP Yoga 6-part MAX PACK DVD set costs $79.99 and consists of 11 distinct series catering to all levels of fitness. The focus is primarily on 13 yogic postures, all of which are high-speed with virtually no rest. Printed guides are also included, giving men insight on nutrition and step-by-step visual illustrations of postures demonstrated most often in the videos. But, the best thing is that the workouts lay emphasis on modifications for poses one may struggle with, stress on the importance of heart rate monitoring, and advise you not to push too hard. Believe it or not, most studies show that men injure themselves more often in yoga because they tend to go too far, ignoring what their body’s limits are.

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