Beer Yoga Is A Thing Now. And Yep, It Blends Bends With Brews

by Brandon Topp

In a world obsessed with hybrids and fusions, a mash-up of beer and yoga seems somewhat inevitable. And, yes, it's exactly what it sounds like: A combination of cold suds and deep stretches. While the concept of downing a beer during or just after practicing downward dogs may sound like radically unrelated concepts, there's some bonafide health reasons for giving this fitness trend a try ... particularly if you love a good brewski. (As the joke goes, it's good for what ales ya!) Beer yoga has currently taken off in Germany, Australia, and in some parts of the United States.

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Here's Where The Concept Of "BierYoga" Got Started:


The whole idea of combining beer with yoga got it's start in Berlin. BierYoga is the brainchild of a woman named Jhula, who discovered a beer house offering yoga classes at Nevada's annual Burning Man festival several years back. Inspired by the concept, she began experimenting with drinking while practicing yoga, finding which poses lent themselves to an accompanied sip of beer. She elaborated in an interview with Vice saying, “ I played around with it in my room with a Radler [half beer, half lemonade or soda]. I took standard vinyasa sequences, which most people have done a bunch of times, and tried to figure out everywhere I could work beer in there.” The result of these experiments became BierYoga, a popular class in Germany that consists of sneaking in sips with different poses, balancing bottles on your head, and tons of laughs. 

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You Don't Have To Drink & Downward Dog At The Same Time, Though.


You might look at Jhula’s creation and think, there’s no way I could drink beer while practicing yoga. This is a fair point, but it doesn’t mean that you should abandon beer yoga altogether. Another form of beer yoga saves the suds for after class, using the alcoholic treat as a reward rather than an accompaniment. This story from the Associated Press looks at a class offered at the Miami Brewing Company. The routine and exercises are pretty standard, but the unique location and complimentary beer has inspired a plethora first-timers yogis to to try out a sun salutation.

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Why Beer Yoga Is Worth Trying

As the above video shows, beer yoga is an easy way to entice a partner and loved one to take a class with you. This more socialized version of a typical yoga class can make for a great date night or a fun new thing for you and your workout buddy. Hey, the addition of a cold one can make exercise fun, which is important when fitness is a regular part of your life. 

Additionally, beer has its own health benefits that will help you justify catching a buzz during class. Working with yoga as a stress reliever, beer can also reduce your risk of heart disease, dementia and coronary disease, while benefitting your digestive system. 

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So, Would You Try This Fun Fitness Twist?

To us, the whole point of this trend is to have more fun while exercising ... which we can all get behind. The same idea applies to our show Namaste Yoga, which combines majestic locations and enthusiastic, informative hosts to inspire your next yoga session. However you get there, it’s valuable to figure out how to make your next yoga session fun — so that you keep coming back for more.

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