Couples Yoga May Just Help Your Relationship

by Trina Remedios

Yoga. It's a practice that traditionally focused on meditation and wellbeing, and has now slowly transcended into the fitness and beauty realms, too. While people may have lost the plot, or found new goals to pursue, it remains a practice of unison; be one with yourself, one with your surrounding, one with your body, one with your soul, and one with those around you.

That's exactly why we recommend you give couples yoga a chance. As it pushes the boundaries of comfort and helps establish trust, this may be the closest thing to a relationship expert where you can communicate with your partner, without having to say the words. 

Who Would You Like Beside You?

Most people assume couples yoga is only for those who are romantically involved, when in fact, it can be taken up by any two people who are close. Mothers and daughters, friends, siblings, or a new couple, too, can benefit from a session. Trust and communication is of the essence; although, personal space is scarce in couples yoga classes, so don't sign up with someone who you aren't physically comfortable around. It can get awkward pretty fast.

Benifits Of Partner Yoga 

"It is about working on your trust, sensitivity, and spiritual connection, while simultaneously whipping your body into stunning shape and form," says yoga expert Nisha Gulati. 

  • It opens up lines of non-verbal communication and gives you a reason to spend quality time with that person, sharing an experience that's just yours and theirs alone. 
  • It releases stress and turmoil and helps you work through the negativity in your relationship, and find your calm. 
  • Your energy levels will improve considerably, making you feel upbeat and active by default, while enabling deep breathing to help you pace through tough situations.
  • It can provide you a great laugh and many smiles as you struggle to hold certain positions, tip over to the side, shiver in each other's arms to maintain balance, or simply have your own little inside jokes through the class.
  • The close physical proximity can prove to be particularly advantageous for those who are romantically involved or in a committed relationship, as you discover each other and learn to trust your partner with your body. This can then be taking a step further with Tantra Yoga and Tantric Sex.

Trial Session

Couples yoga is all about poses that unite the two partners, emotionally, spiritually and physically. A few standard asanas you can expect include:

Double Standing Forward Bend

  1. First, you need to stand back to back with your partner.

  2. Then, bend at your waist as if to touch your feet.

  3. Next, reach your hands towards your partner’s elbows or shoulders and your partner should also do the same. Keep your legs straight and your feet together.

Downward Dog Meets BackBend

  1. You get into the downward dog position.

  2. Your partner should position their feet on either side of your hands (so both of them are back to back).

  3. Next, your partner should use their hands to lower him or herself on your back.

  4. He or she can, at this point, stretch their arms over their head, allowing their weight to fall on you. Hold for 10 breaths and then trade places.

Also, here are some video tutorials where our host Jeff Halevy got schooled on partner yoga during an episode of Workout From Within:

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