Exploring The Benefits Of Yoga For All Ages

by Simona Terron

We recently discussed the ‘fat yoga’ trend, clarifying the fact that size doesn’t matter. And when it comes to the practice of yoga, age doesn’t matter either. Unlike vigorous exercise such as athletic sports and HIIT routines, yoga is gentle enough for all age groups. Relaxing and detoxifying, it offers something to everyone.

Yoga’s Benefits Across Ages

  • Young Children: Through yoga, kids can improve their body and mind connection. Your child will grow up to be conscious of his or her health and general wellbeing. Living a healthy lifestyle, when learned at an early age, offers many advantages. Who doesn’t want a healthy and fit kid? When a child is into yoga, he or she is taught to see the light and beauty from within. Your child will become more confident and develop the needed skills to achieve overall wellness and optimum health. Yoga is especially helpful for children with developmental disorders like Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism. Even kids with ADHD and other learning disabilities have found great success in yoga. What’s more, children possess one major advantage over adults in their yogic practice: they are a lot more flexible! So learning the poses and yoga techniques is easier, and fun for them.
  • Tweens & Teenagers: One minute you have a sweet child willing to spend all their free time with you, and hanging on to your every word adoringly. The next minute, you have a tween (not a child, but not a teenager yet) mumbling under their breath, pushing boundaries, and breaking rules. No longer are you the all-knowing parent; you’ve just been replaced by peers, social media, and celebrity pop stars. But there are ways to get around this. After all, your tween (aged 10 to 12 years) is in a transitional phase that can be difficult to decipher. Yoga can help to make the transition smoother for both, the kid and you, thanks to its ability to regulate breathing, which is at the core of controlling emotional upheaval. Introduce your tween or teen to yoga, and reap the benefits in a surprisingly short amount of time.
  • Seniors: Many elderly folks are forced to give up their fitness regimes as they get age, especially high impact sports like running, basketball, and skiing. Yoga classes are a healthy, low-impact way for seniors to stay active and physically fit. A good senior class will be geared specifically towards the needs of older students, and will include poses that are doable. There are several mind-body health benefits from senior yoga.

Yoga For Different Phases Of Life

  • Women’s Health: Most women suffer from menstrual pain every month. With hormones already creating chaos in your system, these crippling cramps may make it very difficult to even get through a normal day. While pain medication can give relief, it can also make you irritable and drowsy. The good news is that there’s a better way to deal with this monthly trauma. Certain yoga poses have the power to relieve your menstrual pain, fatigue and irritability.
  • Menopause: Just like menstruation, menopause is also a part of every woman’s life from which there is no running away. As menopause sets in and your raging hormones wreak havoc inside your body, every day becomes an adventure as well as a challenge. With nightly hot flashes, increased irritability and anxiety, painful menstruation and intercourse, every menopausal woman struggles on a daily basis. If you do not wish to take the conventional route of hormonal therapy to get rid of your moodiness, you may want to consider a yoga practice. Simple yoga poses can calm your nerves, relax your mind and also get rid of unpleasant menopausal symptoms.
  • Romantic Relationships: It’s no secret that yoga can improve your sex life, thanks to being a very effective stress reliever. Certain postures can also tone your body, improve blood circulation and ramp up your physical energy, all of which work for a hot sex life. So if you want to rev things up in the sack, yoga might just be the answer.

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