Ready For Some Hip Hop Yoga With Kendall & Hailey?

by Charlene Flanagan
The latest form of contemporary yoga is a hip hop + asana hybrid that seems to be a big favorite among celebrities. No, it's not always just about finding peace and serenity in fluid motions; with yoga now being geared towards fitness and weight loss, amped-up versions like pole dancing yoga, acro yoga, aerial yoga, kickboxing yoga and, as you guessed it, hip hop yoga, are grabbing people's fancy.

Spotted recently were Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner stepping out of the Y7 Studio in LA, looking ripped as ever after a session. Sweat drippin', beat bumpin' candelit yoga—that's what hip hop yoga at the Y7 Studio is all about.

It's For The Non-Yogi Yogi
There are three things in particular that work for this class and make it so popular among the A-listers:
  • First, the music—it helps set the tone. Loud, upbeat, pulsating tunes help you get with the 'WeFlowHard' flow, trademarked by Y7 Studio to best describe their sessions. With Jay-Z, Drake and Beyoncé's tunes in the background to match the tempo of the class, you feel an adrenaline similar to that of an HIIT gym session where you're used to belting out moves in sync with the tunes on your iPod. 
  • The classes themselves are all about fat burn. They combine the fluid flow of vinyasa yoga in a 60-minute session of intense moves, heat and dope beats to make it all roll into one seamless session. You can first opt for the Slow Burn class which rolls at a less rigorous pace and then graduate to the WeFlowHard one. Also, Y7 offers up private sessions for those who'd rather have all the attention focused on themselves exclusively.
  • The third interesting element is the fact that the entire sweat-inducing class is performed in candle light. And yes, there are no mirrors here. The instructors want you to shed your inhibitions and stop worrying about not being able to execute a move or compare yourself to others. The dark room is very freeing in a sense, and can take you to the places in your mind that you've never been before as you surrender yourself to the moment
Sounds trippy, doesn't it? This one's to all those bada** chicks and gangsta boys who've been looking to mix things up in their workout routine. Sign up here to know what all the fuss is about. As for this yogi, I’m slipping into my yoga pants and heading for the class right now so, catchya later!

Images Via Instagram/ Y7Studio
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