How To: Do The Mermaid Pose For A Stronger Back

by Trina Remedios

Consider this a precursor to the pigeon pose, which stretches your back, leg and arm muscles. The mermaid pose also works your core muscles and releases stress from the body and mind. Here’s how to strike that pose like a mermaid.

Step 1: Get into the pigeon pose.

Step 2: Fold your left knee and turn back to hold it. Bend your elbow to bring your foot closer to the chest. At the same time, bring your hip towards the ground to give your leg muscles a good stretch.

Step 3: Now, slide your foot inside your forearms and curl your toes so that they lock in.

Step 4: Reach your right hand back to lock hands with the left. Your gaze should be forward and the elbow of the right hand perpendicular, facing up.

Stay in this position for eight deep breaths and release to come back to the pigeon pose. Then, do the same with the right foot. These stretches strengthen the thighs, groin area, abdomen and neck. The mermaid pose also expands the shoulders and chest. It is the only full-body stretch you will need to kick-start your day.

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