Instagrams We Love: Keeping Up With Kayla Itsines

by Michelle Seekamp

Creator of Bikini Body Guides (#BBG) and upbeat fitness goddess extraordinaire, Kayla Itsines is an international icon with a huge fan following on her app, which has helped millions of women transform their bodies.

The Aussie lass keeps her Instagram feed chock-full of fresh content, updating her social media pretty much day and night. Whether she’s in the gym, making a snack, out with her adorable pooch (or hubby), or catching the next international flight, there’s always a little tip, inspiring quote or workout video to keep her followers engaged.

What You’ll Find: Inspiration In Spades
Kayla’s #BBG workouts have caught on with millions of fans around the globe, not only because they work (and they do!), but because she is all about helping you feel good, both on the inside and out, to radiate confidence. You won’t find impossible workout routines, thinspiration or body shaming here. The support of a loyal community and tapping into what you and your body are capable of accomplishing together is an addictive environment; one you wouldn’t want to quit.

Kayla consistently uploads body transformation stories of people who have been using her program, and no, it’s not just a pile of skinny minnies, but real women who’ve struggled to shed multiple pounds and are now happy to share their progress.

Her workouts are certainly tough but over time, you will be able to cope with them once you start rewarding your body with the prescribed nutrition and find a healthy balance. Once you’ve found your rhythm and gotten on the BBG brigade, you’ll find yourself eager to take on Kayla’s next big challenge gladly. Why? Well because like so many women before you, you will be inclined to stick with the program because you can noticeably see your body changing for the better.

What We Love: Feel Good Fitness
Kayla is as committed to her adoring fans as she is to her workouts. Her feed is a constant source of light-hearted inspiration, laughter, gentle nudges of encouragement, and a stream of impressive transformation images from #BBG enthusiasts. We love Kayla’s upbeat can-do attitude around pretty much any challenge because it’s downright infectious. We dare you to scroll through her Instagram feed and not feel your mood lift and lighten.

What You’ll Love: Maximum Results With Minimum Time Spent
Her bootcamp-style workouts are tough (have we mentioned that?) but doable. About 28 minutes is all you need to get a full workout in with a wide selection of toning and cardio routines to choose from in the Bikini Body Guide mobile app. Mix and match them to keep your custom program fresh and interesting. Whether you’re juggling kids, a hectic work schedule, or just love to catch a few extra’s in the morning, we’re confident you can make these programs work for you. Need that last nudge?  Watch Kayla’s fan followers in the video below and you won’t be able to wait to sign up!

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