InstaFit Star Of The Week: Jessamyn Stanley’s Positive Affirmations

by Z Living

Jessamyn Stanley—self-ascribed yoga teacher and “fat femme”—has taken Instagram by storm, bearing it all (almost literally) as she shares her plus-sized at-home yoga practice with the world. She has done a lot for the body positive movement and proven that health and wellness really do come in all shapes and sizes.

But, why is this social media celebrity (in her own right) suddenly on our radar? Well, it seems that Jessamyn’s Instagram account has blown up in the past year, what with her growing number of followers which has led to a life-altering transformation that now has her shuffling between video shoots and photoshoots. If that’s not all, she works with her yoga idols and travels the country teaching classes. The best part? She remained grounded, humble, grateful and real through it all.

Why We Love Her: Keeping it Real
We appreciate Jessamyn’s ability to say it like it is, not over-produce her Instagram feed with images of “perfection”, and her ability to share opinions, challenges and triumphs for what they are (all part of the collective experience of being human). She has a decidedly feminist perspective, which can be described as salty at best.

Don’t get us wrong, she is a talented yoga teacher—she even has her own Everyday Yoga series on the Cody App—and a thoughtful voice that is helping shape the Western yoga narrative.

What You’ll Find: Yoga Poses & Inspirational Messages
Gorgeous pics of yoga in both exotic and decidedly “regular” locales, Jessamyn shares a ton of images from her practice. More often than not, you’ll find Jessamyn practicing in her underwear (that’s right!), even though she claims to own "more yoga leggings than any human being could ever reasonably need.” There is something about the freedom she feels in her skivvies that is sort of endearing and authentic. Hats off to Jessamyn for rocking the gear that makes her feel comfortable.

What We Took Away: Perspective
In addition to a rock solid yoga practice, you’ll find a more than healthy dose of real-world wisdom from this young, but schooled practitioner of life. Jessamyn is open about her past and present struggles with depression, body acceptance, work-life balance, bodily functions, meeting her idols and staying true to her North Carolina “country” roots. Her captions read more like blog posts, but are worth the time, when you have it.

For her, yoga has been a much-needed constant support for years through ups and downs and much more than just a “health trend”. When you look at a practice as a way of improving oneself, and not a means to an end, you’ll certainly learn how to appreciate things better.

Most of us are used to seeing perfect size zero models sunbathing and taking selfies. While there’s really nothing wrong with that, this account is perhaps an overhaul of the conventional bikini-clad women on social media. Jessamyn Stanley’s Instagram is about as fresh as it comes. If you want a change from the overly-glossy images of health and wellness as an unattainable ideal, rather than the work in progress that it truly is for the majority of us, head to @mynameisjessamyn.

We find Jessamyn totally relatable and we think you will, too. Her positivity and personality flows through her posts and if you’re ever having moments of weakness, and you feel like you’re going to give up, Jessamyn will have some words of comfort. 

Images Via Instagram/Jessamyn Stanley

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