Meet Namaste Yoga Instructor Amanda Riches

by Z Living Yogi
Amanda Riches is an on-screen yoga instructor for Namaste Yoga, airing on Z Living network weekdays at 7AM. We sat down to discuss her yoga journey and answer some of our own burning yoga questions.

Z Living Yogi:  How did your own yoga journey begin?

Amanda:  Actually, Namaste Yoga is the reason why I started a daily yoga practice. I see it as the origin of my journey into yoga, nearly ten years ago now. I was working for the production company answering fan mail and just thought, ‘hey this yoga thing sounds pretty good!

Z Living Yogi: That's ten years from watching Namaste Yoga to appearing in it!  How long did it take you to be able to do those tricky arm balances and handstands?

Amanda: Well, I would say as a disclaimer that I wasn’t really aiming to be able to do that stuff, but Crane Balance probably took 3 or 4 years and handstands are recent – so almost 10 years!
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Z Living Yogi: What was the most inspiring moment on your yoga journey?

Amanda:  As a young teacher, the opportunity to work with such experienced teachers on Namaste Yoga and to see their sequences come to life on the big screen was completely life-changing. I’d also have to say the friendships that I’ve developed with the other on-screen yoginis are highly inspirational! hatha yoga
Z Living Yogi: How often do you practice yoga every week?

Amanda: Five or six times. I usually take a day where I don’t practice, because I don’t want to get too attached to the practice. But even then I’ll take at least 10 minutes or so to sit in meditation. I would say if you can find time to do it every day, even if it’s only for 20 minutes that is ideal. Better to do it for 20 minutes every day than an hour and a half two times a week.

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Z Living Yogi: With such regular practice for so many years, how do you keep yoga fresh and interesting for yourself? 

Amanda: There are so many layers to yoga. You never really master a pose. You’re always learning something new. And apart from the actual poses, there’s so much more to learn about yoga.  I think the key is keeping that curiosity and awe.

Z Living Yogi: For people who are doing their yoga at home, how can they know whether they’re doing the poses right or not?

Amanda: If there’s pain, it’s wrong for sure. If it feels a bit awkward it’s probably right! There’s really no substitute for a teacher giving hands on adjustments, but explaining what you feel can often be enough for a teacher to help you even if they’re not there. The Namaste TV community on Facebook is great, and we have yoga teachers monitoring all of our questions, so if you’re unsure of something feel free to post a question there!

Z Living Yogi: There are so many ways to practice yoga these days. Any advice for finding the right yoga experience?

The important thing to remember is that every person in the world can benefit from yoga. There are so many different styles – from super energizing to very relaxing and restorative – you’re sure to find one that works for you. I would say that Namaste Yoga is sort of in the middle of the spectrum; not ridiculously challenging but definitely not easy either! Not having access to classes due to time, money, or location should not be a barrier. Namaste Yoga at home is one way to break down that barrier, and that is what really lights me up about the show!

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Do you have a yoga question? The instructors at Namaste TV are always happy to answer! Drop them a line at [email protected]. Photo Source:
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