Will Rage Yoga Be All The Rage In Fitness?

by Trina Remedios
Have you heard? A rather unusual way of finding your zen is Rage Yoga, which was created by 24-year-old Lindsay Istace. Much to our delight, she will be rolling out online classes this summer.

Istace, a contortionist, developed Rage Yoga to get over a breakup and she found that it worked like a charm. She always felt like a misfit in a regular yoga class. But, with a few shennanigans thrown in, Lindsay realized that yoga is about being zen and finding your true happiness, and well, different things make different people happy.

Rage Yoga turns the traditional practice on its head and instead of chanting Om, you're probably going to be screaming, cursing and venting your frustrations to find your sweet release as you strike that pose.
rage yoga zen

What You Can Expect From A Class

The class is based on a slower version of Vinyasa yoga. It starts and ends with simple breathing exercises with the mid-section dedicated to letting out all your frustation. You can grunt, abuse, scream, or express your rage any way you like.

Set to the tunes of metal, the yoga part in the routine is definitely authentic with poses targeting strength, flexibility and mind-body compatibility.

A typical execution would have you inhaling as you get into the asanas and swearing as you exit the poses. The class begins on a fun note with some standard jokes and light banter, graduates to swearing, and ends with a happier you.
Lindsay also hands out two tickets worth $4 each for a pint of Dickens draft. You can have a swig before or after class, or none at all. FYI, she also hosts workshops in select venues and typically those are BYOB (bring your own booze) affairs.
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Is Rage Yoga For You?

The upside of Rage Yoga is that it creates a non-judgmental environment where you can get in a great adrenaline-pumping workout while dealing with personal issues, clouded thoughts and a cluttered mind space. "The main benefit that is more unique to Rage Yoga is that we create a safe space to deal with negative emotions in a positive way.  I’ve never been able to will away negative feelings. Rage Yoga is a great way to harness and use them in a constructive way that makes you a stronger and happier person," said Lindsay Istace in her interview with People Magazine.

In terms of benefits, it pretty much does what any yoga practice would when it comes to creating a mind-body connection, losing weight, gaining body tone and becoming more flexible. The only difference is in the way you let go of your stress.

But, if you cringe at the use of cuss words and profanity, feel free to sit this one out. As for us, we're keeping an eye open for those online classes to see what all the fuss is about so that we can enjoy the benefits in the comfort of our home.
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