Did You Know? Raw Foods Make For The Perfect Yoga Diet

by Nisha Gulati

The purpose of yoga is to connect your mind, body and soul. We accomplish this union by being aware of our breath, concentrating our eye gaze, locking the throat, abdomen and root regions (jalandhara, udiyana and mula bandhas), and above all, nourishing our bodies with fuel that makes this union more dynamic.

It is pertinent to create a loving relationship with your food in order to deepen your practice and gain the most from it. Fresh, minimally processed, dairy-free, gluten-free and nutritious foods are highly recommended. But, raw foods top the list when you want to complement and ultimately heighten your yoga practice.

Decoding The Diet
Raw food diets are quite a fad these days and their benefits are extraordinary. This eating regime follows one simple rule—to eat fresh foods that are not heated over 104 degrees.

The point is to eat whole foods in their most natural form, devoid of any suffering (meat) as is stressed in yogic tradition. Raw nuts, seeds, fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, chia seeds, bean sprouts, and hemp are some great examples.

Making a switch to raw foods in your diet can give you the gift of glowing skin, sharper focus and impulses, and an improved level of flexibility. So, what are you waiting for?

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