Runners, Get Onboard With Yoga Sutra Now

by Trina Remedios

Running is the most common form of cardio exercise, because it’s a back-to-basics workout that needs no equipment, no trainer, and no fancy accessories. The go-to activity helps improve stamina, burns calories, gets your heart pulsating, and makes use of the excess fat to create energy in order to help you keep on moving.

It is a full-body workout that alleviates stress as it increases the levels of oxygen delivered to the body. If you are prone to muscle loss and regression of bone density, running is one of the ways to regain form. It works the body and engages the muscles, but is low-impact enough to have minimal risk of injury.

But, to put things into perspective, there are certain things you need to keep in mind while going for a run, in order to cushion the impact on your knees and joints:

Bend At Your Ankles, Not Your Hips: To find this position, fall forward from your ankles and catch yourself. This way, when you’re catching yourself, your momentum is helping you push yourself forward.

Keep Your Arms Close: Any side-ward motion with your arms is a waste of energy, so keep your arms as close to your body as possible, and only move them forward and back.

Land On The Flats Of Your Feet: Any time your foot gets in front of your knee, it’s actually like you’re putting on the brakes because your leg angle is now pushing you back instead of forward. Ideally, you want your foot to land under your knee as you’re running, so you’re actually going to hit the flat of your foot on the floor, instead of on your heels. This way, you are continuously keeping your momentum up and not pushing back against yourself.

For more tips, watch Jai Sugrim, the host of Yoga Sutra Now, demonstrate warm up and strength training asanas to enhance your overall levels of fitness. He particularly focuses on how runners can use yoga to improve their performance, protect their body, get a good calorie burn, and build stamina to keep pace and level up consistently.

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