Salty Yoga Is Trending In New York For All The Right Reasons

by Nisha Gulati

Joining the league of paddleboard yoga, infrared yoga, aerial yoga, pole dancing yoga and the likes, is a new hybrid variation called salty power yoga.

The most important organs in the body, according to devout yogis, are the lungs—not the heart—for they are in our control.

The primary aim of this practice is to engage your respiratory system, open up and expand your lungs, and improve your breathing, and oxygen flow in the body.

The Workout: A class typically runs for an hour and usually has very limited participants who are housed in a salty cave-like room. The sole concentration is on chest-opening asanas and breathing exercises. The room’s floor is covered with pink Himalayan rock salt which is rich in minerals. Finely grounded pharmaceutical salt may be blown in the air for some halotherapy, a new health trend that promotes the use of salt as an alternative form of medicine.

Salt Yoga For Fitness Enthusiasts
Some offshoots do a power yoga version by adding asanas from the Vinyasa school of yoga, and dishing out a class, right at the beach. It’s a speedy form where you link one posture to another in continuous motion like a dance without breaks or long holds.

Make note that in order to run the longest mile, one needs to have stamina, build endurance, be able to breathe deep, and have good circulation through the body so that the nutrients are delivered to the muscles. That’s where salty yoga comes in.

Signing up for a weekly class can ignite your internal heating systems and act as an anti-inflammatory for your aching body, so use it to supplement your workout routine.

Image Courtesy: BreatheEasyUSA/Facebook

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