From OM To OMG, Yoga Fails Can Make Your Day

by Karishma Roye
Yoga teachers say the darndest things. I understand it's all about being zen and all, but this whole practice has added a new dimension to my life, an untapped source of hilarity, if you will. Like whenever my yoga instructor says, "Flower your buttocks," I try not to roll over on my flower laughing. 

I think people take yoga too seriously. Ever catch a yogi in the act, especially a newbie? There's a good chance you'll be laughing till you cry.

Who knows, maybe that's what they mean when they say it relaxes you. Between the Aums and weird deep-breathing exercise that make your tummy flutter, you're basically just thinking, "I'm almost there". Well, not quite... And that's okay, too. 

Also, is it just me or do most yoga poses remind anyone else of sex positions? As I do the downward dog, I keep thinking, "Well, this is awkward." I truly believe your yoga teacher and dentist are the only guys in the world (except your boyfriend/husband) who can get away with saying "Open wide... wider... okay, now hold it."

Found this video online where a yoga teacher totally pranks women with his 'free' yoga class and strikes some really sexual positions with his one and only other student (played by an actor, of course). If it wasn't so hilarious, I'd totally tag the clip NSFW, but honestly he's really just doing yoga.

In fact, there was the one time where our Health Soup show host David Price took to the streets to quiz people on whether it was a yoga pose or sex position that they were looking at, and like just five people could tell the difference. Comforts me to know it's a real thing. (I'm not a perv, yay!). 

My point is, whatever the reason your practice works for you, just don't take it too seriously and that will make it so much better. Somewhere in the midst of all those asanas, perfect postures and regulated breathing is scope for a few laughs and crazy voices in your head that reaffirm you look like an absolute fool, but you just shouldn't give a damn. Most times, here's the most brilliant and earth-shattering thought on my mind :)
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