This Company Is Trying To Kill The Yoga Mat

by Brandon Topp

We love our cushy yoga mat, but even with a clever strap attached, it's still one more thing to lug around. But what if you could do yoga as comfortably as on your mat...without the mat?

Designers Laura Koven and Melinda Agron set out to solve this problem, raising a cool $41,820 on Kickstarter (the campaign ended Friday) for their new company, AVA Yoga Bodywear. And their clever innovation that may make the yoga mat obsolete? Fingerless gloves and toeless foot braces made from a grippy neoprene material that gives you similar support as a mat, yet tuck neatly into your gym bag. Genius!

The bodywear is something the pros behind our popular daily at-home yoga show Namaste Yoga would no doubt rock. And if moving from a mat to AVA’s wrist and ankle guards helps you keep a regular daily routine, we’re all for it. 

Here's why you'll want to pay attention to this cool new idea:

This Clever Bodywear May Actually Assist With Your Alignment. 

The Huffington Post describes the three key elements of AVA Yoga Bodywear’s vision as alignment, assistance, and awareness. Tiny arrows on the bodywear give the wearer cues on how to best align for yoga’s most fundamental poses, expediting an important service offered by classes and instructors. 

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Life Without A Mat Has Its Advantages. 

Mats are inherently a nuisance. Most of us end up renting them for the first several months of doing yoga, before finally investing in one of our own. If you want to go to a class before or after work, you'll have that awkwardly shaped roll sticking out of your tote bag all day long. AVA Yoga Bodywear is much smaller, and easier to tuck away (even in a purse!).

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This Yoga Bodywear Looks Cool. 

Fingerless gloves, toeless foot braces, both extended by wraps swirling up and tied in bows around the wrists and ankles—that’s essentially what the yoga bodywear looks like. Coming in bright pink and purple, these colorful yoga aids, also work as fun accessories that open up a world of options when curating your yoga outfit. 

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The Support Is As Good, If Not Better Than Mats. 

Made from a grippy neoprene material, the hand and footwear allows you to grip the floor and support poses as well as you ever could on a yoga mat. The difference is, with the yoga wear, you’re never constricted to the sometimes disproportionate surface area of universal yoga mats. Having traction specifically attached to your hands and feet also help you better support yourself, making it easier to pull of poses that normally call for a block. 

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