Why Do Yoga? These Are Z Living Readers' Reasons

by Z Living Contributor

Why do you do yoga? A couple weeks back, we posted this question on the Z Living Facebook Page. The answers we received were simple, and powerful… Just like yoga! 

Here's Why Z Living Readers Do Yoga

To Tanya's point, a large number of studies show that yoga and other forms of meditation are fantastic at reducing stress, thus keeping us sane. This piece by Harvard Health references an old German study, which found that women who practiced yoga for three months, decreased their depression by 50% and increased happiness scores by 65%.

Calming the mind helps you focus, and that’s in large part what yoga is all about. Many studies have found yoga (and other forms of meditation) to improve individuals’ ability to focus. In fact, ADHD therapists often advocate for mindful practices to improve symptoms in adults and kids.

Finally, we zero in on the most exciting answer. From challenging yourself to get that headstand to feeling the warmth of an ohm at the end of class, yoga elicits a lot of feelings, most of which are pretty fun.

Our Instagram commenters hit on the same topics from above, as well as other noteworthy reasons including: fitness, peace, health, family, energy, and balance.  

By the way, we're still collecting answers, so feel free to let us know why you do yoga!

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