Don’t Miss The World Premiere Of ‘Yoga Girls’ Tonight

by Michael Moranis

We have been waiting so long for tonight’s premiere of Z Living’s new original Yoga Girls. Tune into Z Living at 8 PM ET to find out what happens when ohm meets O-M-G. Find out where you can tune in

What’s Yoga Girls?

For those who haven’t yet heard, Z Living’s new original series Yoga Girls tracks the lives of the most famous and influential yogis on LA’s West Side. Showing us an unprecedented look into the cutthroat culture that surrounds this zen practice, this docuseries is a true original. Tune in to tonight's premiere to see how some of these yogis set out to kick some serious “asana.” 

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Who Are The Yoga Girls?

The Yoga Girls are comprised of some of the most elite, followed, and well respected yogis in West LA. You have new-age Instagram influencers and digital video gurus like Caley Joyner and Elise Joan, and then hardcore traditionalists like Jesse Schein who dismiss the social-media driven, online-video yoga culture. 

Between them all, there are a ton of different ideas, looks, brands, and philosophies. Love triangles, arguments, collaborations, and adventures await this group of Yoga Girls this season. Want to see how? Just tune into tonight’s Yoga Girls premiere. 

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Where Can I Watch?

Just check here to find out where you can watch tonight’s premiere of Yoga Girls. If you aren’t by your television, and want to tune in online to watch it, you can enjoy our special sneak peek at the series premiere right here.  

And You Need To Try The Yoga Girls Challenge!

The Yoga Girls Challenge is an activity which involves posting a video or a photo of yourself practicing yoga in an unexpected and exciting location. Whether it’s solo or a group shot, we love it. You’ll then nominate three people to do the same thing, and/or donate to Active Schools—an organization that promotes increased physical education and activity in US schools. Find out more about the Yoga Girls Challenge

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