Instagrammer vs. Traditionalist: What Kind Of Yogi Are You?

by Rebecca Weiner

Z Living’s new original series Yoga Girls looks at the variety of different yogis running the famous West LA yoga scene. The show is a glimpse into yoga's contemporary culture—minimalists and traditionalists now work alongside Instagram stars, and voyeurs creating new hybrid practices. For those who want to see where they land on the yogi spectrum, we put together this short guide. 

Yoga Girls premieres at 8 PM on Sunday, September 24th. Find out where you can tune in

What Kind Of Yogis Are There?

You might be curious how many different kind of yoga girls, or yoga guys, or yoga teachers there are out there. The answer is—a ton. There’s a range from the traditional to the influencer, from the class-pass user to the early-morning YouTuber. Check out the following yogi types, and see in which categories your interests lie: 

The Instagram Yogi

Instagram is a major part of contemporary yoga culture, thrusting younger yogis into the scene's spotlight with millions of clicking followers. Beyond sharing poses and flows, the Instagram yogi curates a feed emblematic of modern yoga’s artisanal culture—vibrant healthy food, nature, and family are all common elements of the Instagram yogi's feed. 

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The Traditional Yogi

More traditional yogis keep their practices simple, quiet, and to the point. If you’re just looking for a well-educated teacher and good class, this might be the area you gravitate towards. Traditional yogis may not have an exciting Instagram feed, or a stylish studio, but they will have an unfiltered focus on the practice, which helps newcomers and everyday practitioners alike. 

The Early-Morning Yogi

Could be Instagrammer, traditional, or in between—the early-morning yogi is someone who gets up and gets their flow in before work or school. It’s a quiet and peaceful time to do yoga, which coincides with the vibe of the practice itself. For daily morning-yoga classes, check out our series Namaste Yoga, where renowned early-morning yogis teach classes shot in gorgeous locations around the Pacific Northwest. 

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The Night-Class Yogi 

The night-class yogi can also fall on either the Instagram side or traditional side of the yogi spectrum, they just appreciate closing out the day with a flow. This type of yogi may be more attracted to the post-class meditation than the opening salutations. All you night-class yogis out there can grab a class, or go through a routine at home right after the exciting September 24th series premiere of Yoga Girls. 

The Blossoming Yogi

The last yogi we’ll list is the blossoming yogi, who knows they have a passion for yoga, but isn't sure how to indulge in it. It’s an excellent place to be. You can take classes with traditionalists, and snap pictures with Instagrammers, and ultimately find your true self. For some more insight into the world of differing yogis, check out our new series Yoga Girls when it premieres this September.

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