A serious workout can last anywhere from 30-120 minutes, but 45-60 minutes is the ideal bracket if you want to gain the most from your fitness routine. You may be over-training or not pushing yourself hard enough; in the process, here’s what you’re missing out on:

Health Conditions
If you are concerned about heart disease, joint pain, blood pressure and high levels of sugar, then 45 minutes is just right to lower the risk of these conditions. It gives you enough time to get in a rigorous exercise without over-stressing your body.

Weight Loss
When it comes to losing flab, devise a workout routine that lasts a minimum of 45 minutes, but does not exceed 60 minutes. This will heighten your body’s fat-burning potential, but will not breakdown muscle weight—which tends to happen if you exercise longer than an hour.

Happiness Quotient
If you workout for more than 45-60 minutes, your body produces high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which leads to muscle loss. Keep your exercise routines short and intense and, most importantly, within the 45-minute limit since your body is still producing endorphins (happy hormones).

Nap Time
The minimum gap between your workout and bedtime should be six hours, or your body will still be revving with energy when you hit the sack. By limiting your workout to 45 minutes, your body will be stressed enough to induce sleep, but not so much that you feel anxious and sore.

Cardiovascular Exercise
Cardio increases blood circulation and gets your heart pumping. But stretch your workout for too long and you will notice that in the second half you are sluggish, doing your reps slower, and aren’t able to keep up with the pace and intensity you first started with.

Your workout should always end with the same enthusiasm it began. In order to improve immunity, reduce risk of injury, and lose weight in a consistent and healthy manner, keep your eye on the clock. The idea is to stay in shape; not get bent out of it.

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