If taking a run or hitting the cross-trainer is not cutting it any longer, try Plyometrics—a fitness program that revolves around jump training exercises. A lot more fun and twice as effective, the workout involves pushing your muscles to expand and contract in short intervals. This helps improve speed and endurance, and the results are so impressive, that Plyometrics is now largely practiced by athletes and martial arts practitioners around the world.

With Good Reason: Plyometrics fitness helps build stamina and burn calories, in turn lowering body weight. Bonus benefits include an improved cardiovascular system, increase in muscle strength and agility, and reducing risk of injury by protecting your joints.

The Workout Plan
1) Squat Jump
How To: Stand straight with your arms at your side, bend your knees a little—into a quarter squat—throw your hip back, and keep your back straight. Jump up while stretching your hands as high as possible toward the ceiling, until you land in the initial position.
Results: It can burn 210 calories in 15 minutes while exercising the abs, quads, hamstrings, glutes and spinal erectors.

2) Box Jump
How To: Stand straight in front of a strong box that is 18 inches in height, or higher. Bend to quarter squat and use your feet to push yourself off the ground, and jump onto the box. Then jump back down.
Results: This high intensity exercise helps burn 800-1,000 calories in an hour, and tones and strengthens your lower-body muscles.

3) Press Up & Hand Clap
How To:
Get into a push-up position, lower yourself and then push your upper body in the air with the help of your hands. Clap mid-air, before you come back to the push-up position.
Results: These exercises are for your upper body and core muscles, and can burn roughly 5.45 calories per minute.

4) Power Skipping:
How To: A throwback to childhood, power skipping involves lifting alternate knee and hand as you jump your way forward. Try and lift your leg higher every time you jump, and use your hand as leverage to push yourself up when it drops down to waist level.
Results: Power skipping burns 20 calories per minute, and is a good exercise to lose weight and strengthen your lower body.

5) Tuck Jump
How To: 
Start in a half squat position with your arms outward on either side. Now jump using the floor as resistance, and bring your knees as close to your chest as possible.
Results: You can burn 300 calories per hour, and considerably increase stamina and agility.

Plyometrics exercises should be done two to three times a week, but before you engage in this high intensity training, it is best to get clearance from a medical expert and closely follow the instructions of your trainer.