Running your first marathon can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Even with all the reading material in the world and the training hours that you’ve put in, things can still go awry. We’re hoping these first-hand tips from our in-house marathon runner will get you to the finish line, hassle-free:

Never Try Anything New On Day Of The Marathon: Whether it’s clothes, shoes, the backpack or your food, stick to things that your body is accustomed to, for a foolproof run. Trying anything new on the final day may not bode well with your body and could cause injury, sickness, or even allergies.

Sync Your Training Hours With The Marathon Schedule: As most of us are busy during the day, we end up training either in the evening or really early in the morning. However, this may pose to be a problem on the day of the run, as your body won’t be accustomed to the temperature at that particular time of day.

Backpack Woes: Any seasoned runner will tell you that a load bearing backpack can quickly become your worst enemy during the run. It will distract you and cause you to lose pace. If you’re running a beginners or half marathon, skip this heavyweight. There will be water stations along the run to revive you.

Don’t Sabotage Your Pace In The Name Of Competition: Maintain the pace and rhythm you’ve trained with. Don’t get overwhelmed by those ahead of you. Better to finish strong but late, than to limp across the finish line.

Avoid Pairing Up With A Marathon Buddy: A workout buddy is a good idea; a marathon buddy, not so much. Trying to match the pace and rhythm of a person whose fitness levels and motives are different from yours, will only lead you astray. Besides, chatting while running is the absolute worst; and let’s face it, friends talk!

Don’t Be A Couch Potato After The Marathon: You will need adequate rest after the marathon, but you must make sure to go for recovery runs in the following week. Your body would’ve become used to a certain level of activity.

Also, the right recovery workouts can help heal muscles and power you up. Try a low-impact activity like swimming thrice a week. Train consistently and follow these tips, before you make a run for it.

After pursuing her Masters in Journalism, Vanessa got her first big job as a health writer and since then, she has never switched paths. She has always been intrigued by the wonders of a holistic lifestyle, and believes it was destiny that led her to writing for the wellness industry. In her natural state, you can find her tucked under a blanket watching an Indie film, or reading obsessively. At Z Living, she writes about food trends and other daily life expeditions.