Pregnancy can drain your body, and back pain, fatigue, and stress are all common sightings among new moms. This is exactly why low-impact workouts come highly recommended, as they are tuned to incorporate exercises that stress your body a lot lesser, but make up for the intensity by keeping your muscles engaged for a longer duration.

Low-impact exercises are best-suited for people who are older or are beginners, have injuries or joint pain, or are pregnant. The elliptical trainer, power mill climber, cycling, walking, swimming, yoga and rowing, all fit into this category. Low-impact workouts involve physical activities set across a longer time-frame, which will leave you in a puddle of sweat consistently. In this case, slow and steady does indeed win the race.

This is exactly what host Adrienne Janic will be discussing on tonight’s episode of Fit Famous & Fabulous that airs at 10pm (you can catch it here). She ropes in singer Lisa Loeb to demonstrate workout moves that new moms can do in the comfort of their homes in order to lose weight, tone the body, and de-stress, all at the same time.

Alternate Fitness Plans
Prenatal Yoga: A woman’s body steps into a whirlwind of mental and physical changes when she enters into pregnancy. And it is at this delicate stage where she has to also deal with excessive weight gain, morning sickness and constipation. Here are some yoga postures that will prepare your body for birthing.

Low-Impact Exercises For Pregnant Moms: If you love to run, feel free to get on the elliptical machine, after you have consulted your doctor.

Post Pregnancy Workouts: Parent and baby yoga classes are a great way to adjust to the major changes that come with a new addition to the family, and to strengthen the bond between parent and child. A good parent and baby yoga class teaches simple massage techniques and exercises that are specially designed to maximize the well-being of both, the parent and the baby. The following Dos and Don’ts will help you choose the best class to suit your needs.

For added inspiration, we recommend you look to Hollywood’s leading ladies who have perfected the process of weight loss post childbirth, and bounce-back into shape in no time.

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