Say hello to the evolution of dance conditioning, where you will be made to contort and lengthen your body to gain extreme muscle definition, while getting a metabolism-fueled workout too.

This fun hybrid program is created by Christopher Harrison, an award-winning Broadway Aerial Choreographer, who ingeniously combined the principles of anti-gravity aerial yoga and ballet in a group class setting.

The traditional ballet barre—a favorite for model and celebrity host Adrienne Janic (of Fit, Famous & Fabulous)—is replaced by a suspended “air barre”, or a hammock of sorts.

No Holds Barred
Seasoned dancers can improve their craft, while beginners can challenge their bodies and build strength, flexibility, coordination and body alignment.

Hanging by hammocks in ballet poses, as opposed to practicing conventional sitting and standing postures takes the workout to the next level. It utilizes your upper back muscles, improves postural alignment, and builds endurance over time.

You hang, lean, stretch, balance, take beautiful stances, and hold inversions without the danger of compressing your spine or neck.

So, if you are looking for a way to physically challenge yourself and escape boredom while learning a dance form, you should consider signing up for a class.

Image Courtesy: AirBarre/Facebook

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